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Episode 11 // Sex, Lies, and Murder: Evelyn Nesbit, Stanford White, and Harry Thaw

From journalist Amber Hunt and the Obsessed Network

It was one of the most salacious stories the country had ever heard: A famous architect had been gunned down in front of an audience of hundreds by a man who said he was defending his wife's honor. It so happened the wife was the world's first supermodel. The love triangle among architect Stanford White, model and showgirl Evelyn Nesbit and millionaire unhinged man Harry Kendell Thaw reached its climax on June 24, 1906. With hundreds of witnesses, the case was never a whodunit. Rather, it was a gripping tale of sex, lies and murder. The story made such headlines nationwide that, for the first time in American history, the jury had to be sequestered.

Listen to the full recording of "For the Sake of a Wife & Home" performed by musician and composer Charlie McCarron:


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