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Crimes of the Centuries: The Cases That Changed Us

We've turned your favorite podcast into a book! Join Amber as she dives deeper into historical cases and explores new details that haven't been featured on the podcast!

A fascinating pop-history dive into the stories behind the incredibly impactful crimes—both infamous and little-known—that have shaped the legal system as we know it. 

When asked why true crime is so in vogue, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Amber Hunt always has the same answer: it’s no hotter than it’s always been. Crimes and trials have captured American consciousness since the Salem Witch Trials in the seventeenth century. And these cases over the centuries have fundamentally changed our society and shifted our legal system, resulting in the laws we have today and setting the stage for new rights and protections. From the first recorded murder trial led by the first legal dream team, to one of the earliest uses of DNA, these cases will fascinate. 

“a brisk and fascinating overview of American criminal history”

“[An] exemplary assessment of American crime and punishment and their evolution over five centuries. Through a wealth of examples, both high-profile and relatively unknown, Hunt illustrates the changing nature of U.S. law in this informative work.”


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