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Episode 3.29 Juana Barraza: Mexico's Little Old Lady Killer

Born December 27, 1957 in Epazoyucan, Hidalgo, Juana Dayanara Barraza Samperioa was a 48-year-old single mother with a troubled past. After years of traumatic experiences in her early life, including being sold by her mother to a man in exchange for three beers, Juana moved to Mexico City and began killing in 1998. Residents were on edge as they noticed the mysterious killings seemed to be targeting elderly women. While Mexico City initially believed their suspect was a man or a transgender woman, Juana roamed free as the murders spanned for 8 years, until she was caught in 2006. In today's episode, we learn more about Mexico's first confirmed serial killer and how the mysterious murderer came to be known as the Old Lady Killer.

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